Guest Blog Author: Zhivko Vasilev

[In this video, you’ll see two Bulgarians playing tunes they learned from a recording of an English musician.]

From Zhivko:
Ian Stephenson – a great musician, guitarist from the UK has inspired us, two Bulgarians, to play Celtic music. He was just one of so many great musicians we met at Ethno Flanders. Like almost everybody there he is an amazing musician. He is familiar with folk music not only in the UK but almost everywhere. We were so influenced by the people we met at Ethno, and the music we played there that we decided to keep playing it here in Bulgaria. We found an amazing piece recorded by Ian, “Castlerock Reels,” which by the way is super fun to play, and we decided to learn it and make a cover of it with my kaval and Viktor Dzhorgov with his guitar.