Tunes of the Week

Attention musicians! We want you to be part of an ensemble that will perform this tune – flash mob style! – at CultureFest at the Chattanooga Market on Sunday, October 5. The tune is El Gran Norte, written by one of our featured guests, Ernesto Calderón. He and members of the Transatlantic Chilean Folk Ensemble first executed a flash mob with this tune in Valparaiso, Chile, and we’re excited for you to help us bring it to Chattanooga!

Watch and learn the tune from the Valparaiso performance here, or learn it from the sheet music below.

El Gran Norte


Throughout Ernesto’s stay in Chattanooga, we will use El Gran Norte and these other three tunes as our big party, jam, and performance tunes.


Ethno Cueca

Oro Negro

Sa Dans